Are you looking for the topic of your bachelor, master or dissertation thesis?

And have you considered visual perception? Whether you are a future doctor, optometrist, psychologist, physicist, engineer or product designer, the visual perception of the world around us is broad and affects your profession – as the contributions to the annual ECVP – European Conference on Visual Perception show.


As a doctor, you may be interested in patients with various visual impairments.

As optometrists, you may be wondering, for example, whether blue filter lenses reduce eye fatigue for people who spend many hours at work at the computer.

Psychologists can investigate which colors attract human attention and to which do people respond more quickly.

Art students can focus on the perception of visual compositions and the aesthetic value of artworks.

And engineers or designers can figure out how to make a product user-friendly and which aspects to focus on.

Vision science is indeed an interdisciplinary field, and we, therefore, seek to ensure collaboration across study programs and faculties. If you already have an idea of ​​what you would like to do within the field of visual perception, try reaching out to one of our academics. And even if you don’t have a specific idea yet, don’t be afraid to write to us and find out which topics we are currently ready to lead – maybe we are on the same side…

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