Welcome to the Human-Light Interaction Laboratory homepage!

The aim of our laboratory is to bring together professionals and the public interested in visual perception, light, color, design and user experience (UX) from a variety of fields – technology, psychology, medicine, ophthalmology, physics, optometry, transport and more – to create a platform for joint interdisciplinary research projects.

Our current research aims to find out to what extent Czech drivers face glare problems on the roads, and also to experimentally verify which light sources – halogen lightbulbs, xenons, LEDs of different color temperatures – glare them most.

If you are interested in our research,
there are several ways
you can get involved:


As participants, you can complete
one of our questionnaires on lighting and glare,
or directly participate in measurements in our laboratory;


As a student, under the guidance
of one of our specialists,
you can write a bachelor's, master's
or dissertation;


If you are a researcher
or are interested in the issue of light
and visual perception, write to us -
we can establish further research cooperation.

Photogallery of laboratory

Find out more about our laboratory and write to us!

Human-Light Interaction Laboratory

Tř. Svobody 8,
779 00 Olomouc

The laboratory can be found in the pink building of FZV UP at the bus stop E. The entrance to the laboratory is located just to the left of the main entrance. Parking is available in the surrounding streets.