„Human and traffic safety in the development of lighting technologies“ (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Programme Éta 2, Project No. TL02000183)

Principal Investigator:

Palacký University Olomouc,
Faculty of Arts,
Department of Psychology,
doc. PhDr. Matúš Šucha, Ph.D./
Mgr. Lucie Viktorová, Ph.D.

Application Guarantor:

Hella Autotechnik Nova, s.r.o.

Current Expert Supervisor:

RNDr. et RNDr. Ing. Ladislav Stanke, Ph.D.

The project „Human and traffic safety in the development of lighting technologies” was carried out at the Department of Psychology with the support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in the years 2019-2022. Its main objective was to analyze the process and the degree of human (driver) adaptation to and visual perception of new types of light sources, e.g. LEDs, especially in terms of traffic safety and ergonomics (HMI, UX – User Experience). The issue was studied through questionnaires and instrumentation methods, concerning the interest of various stakeholders – drivers, pedestrians, representatives of OEM manufacturers, and automotive and traffic safety in general.

The output of the project includes, among other things, a final report summarizing the findings of the investigations carried out and a certified methodology presenting recommendations for OEM manufacturers of headlamps, automobile manufacturers, and other organizations dealing with automotive lighting technologies.

Nowadays, we continue studying the human-light interaction in various contexts (not just in traffic), currently without a specific grant support.

Official Opening of Laboratory 3. 12. 2019

Human-Light Interaction Laboratory

Tř. Svobody 8,
779 00 Olomouc

The laboratory can be found in the pink building of FZV UP at the bus stop E. The entrance to the laboratory is located just to the left of the main entrance. Parking is available in the surrounding streets.