Are you researching the field of lighting or visual perception? Or do you work in a field where you often encounter this issue?

Looking for new opportunities for collaboration? We do too! Although we started with research in traffic safety, at the Department of Psychology, our goal is to expand beyond one field and create a platform for meeting experts from different fields, but with a common interest – in light and visual perception.


Do you work as a researcher or academic at one of the universities or public research institutions? Let’s come up with a project that combines our know-how and brings new knowledge!

Or are you working in practice, but have you encountered an interesting perception problem that you think deserves more attention? Write to us and together we will work out how to systematically grasp and understand it.

Our team currently includes experts in psychology and psychophysiology, traffic and physics, but we will be happy to work with colleagues from other disciplines. Our daily bread is not only questionnaire surveys, but also the design, implementation, and evaluation of experiments of all kinds – whether using psychophysiological methods or other instrumentation. And if we lack any equipment, we can go so far as to try and design it ourselves. So far we have, for example:

  • tests of color vision, visual acuity and contrast perception
  • Oculus Mesotest II (a device for visual acuity and glare sensitivity examination)
  • various light sources (halogen light bulbs, xenon lights, LEDs) for researching the perception of the intensity and color temperature of a light source
  • a device for heart rate and skin conductivity monitoring
  • an instrument for orientation measurement of tear evaporation
  • and, in cooperation with the Department of Psychology at the Palacký University in Olomouc, Eye Tracking glasses and more.

If you are interested in working with us or would like to know more, feel free to contact us.

Abroad, vision science is already an established interdisciplinary science, but in the Czech Republic, such multidisciplinary cooperation is only starting. Be at its birth and bring your insight into it!

Human-Light Interaction Laboratory

Tř. Svobody 8,
779 00 Olomouc

The laboratory can be found in the pink building of FZV UP at the bus stop E. The entrance to the laboratory is located just to the left of the main entrance. Parking is available in the surrounding streets.