Are you interested in the issue of glare on Czech roads? Get involved in our research!

On the Internet and social networks, many drivers have already commented on how much oncoming vehicles glare them – let’s do it systematically!


Are you a driver or a pedestrian? Do you cross pedestrian crossings when it’s dark outside? And how do you feel about their lighting? Fill out the online questionnaire (in Czech) and contribute to finding out how satisfied Czech pedestrians and drivers are with the lighting of pedestrian crossings!

You can also visit our laboratory in Olomouc and participate in an experiment with different types of lights in the context of visual perception. Generally, we are looking for Czech/Slovak speaking participants, but if you are proficient in English, you can also sign up for the experiment. We welcome representatives of all ages, with or without sight defects! Fill out our contact form and make an appointment with one of our researchers, or contact us at

If you were driving on Czech roads regularly, you could fill out our online questionnaire (in Czech) and help us find out how many Czech drivers experience glare, how often and how it may be related to the type of headlights that cars in the Czech Republic are equipped with.

Also, if you have recently bought a new (or used) car, you can fill out our short questionnaire (in Czech) to find out what Czech drivers focus on when choosing a car.

Thank you in advance for participating in any of our inquiries!

Human-Light Interaction Laboratory

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The laboratory can be found in the pink building of FZV UP at the bus stop E. The entrance to the laboratory is located just to the left of the main entrance. Parking is available in the surrounding streets.